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I have seen Viki’s work in person and we became instagram pals. I was so excited to feature her story (and buy earrings because OMG they are perfect). This interview doesn’t disappoint. Viki’s perspective is a much needed one and an interview I am so happy to share. Meet Viki Glaze!

Name: Viki Glaze
Age: 27
Job Title/Company: Designer and Maker at Viki Glaze Accessories
Education Background: Psychologist

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In-depth Questions

1.     Tell us a little about who you are.

There are so many things that I could say about who I am. Believe it or not, for a while I felt lost when people asked me who I was.

I am a Venezuelan designer and psychologist. Entrepreneur from an early age. Immigrant. I moved to the United States three years ago. My professional training was in Psychology.

2.     What sparked your interest in starting your business?

At an early age I began my journey as an entrepreneur. One of the most significant ventures was during my last year of high school selling hair accessories. After graduating from college in Venezuela I opened a consulting firm and counseling office.

In October 2018, I decided to start creating accessories again. When I did, I did not think it could be a business, but the receptivity of the women in my community made me want to start a business again.

3.     Tell us about your fulltime job and any side hustles you might have, if applicable.

When I moved to the United States it was a shock because I had to give up my life and my professional status as a psychologist to be an immigrant in a huge country. It was very intimidating. I worked in restaurants, as a nanny, as a teacher and now I work in a part time law firm so I can dedicate myself more and more to my business.

4.     Who are you most influenced by?

Definitely the women of my family, my mom and my grandmother have always been a great inspiration and support in my life, and now my husband has joined the combo. 

5.     What was your first job and how long did you hold that position?

My first formal job was as a manager in a clothing store where I worked for almost 3 years. 

It doesn’t matter where you are from, what you do or where you are in life. If you have a goal or a dream you can make it happen.
— Viki Glaze

6.     Can you share one of your proudest achievements with us?

I think having a business in the United States and to be accepted by this beautiful community. When you are an immigrant, you are very afraid of being and doing. The first years seem like they will never get better. It is difficult to have friends, to adapt to the new culture, the food, everything. However, having been able to start this business, see how its progressed and get to know so many wonderful, open-minded people has made me feel proud of what I do and has given me a reason to continue every day.

7.     What were your initial goals with your work? How have they evolved?

Initially I wanted create something to connect my two worlds; living in the southeastern united states and my life back home in Venezuela. I wanted my design to communicate my heritage in a way that could be understood wherever and by whomever were to experience it. Now that people, not just in North Carolina but as well as other states, are relating to my brand these goals have evolved. I want my brand to become more exposed not just in the US but internationally.

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8.     What do you think is the most important life skill you learned through your work?

Consistency. For me, I think that is the most important efforts in many aspects of life. Being consistent is what can lead you to achieve great things.

9.     Where do you hope to be in five years?

I love to think that I will be traveling through Europe, Asia and the United States promoting my jewelry and accessories.

10. What is a typical day like for you?
I wake up around 7am and get ready to go to work in the law office. I take the bus around 8am (no, I do not have a car and I do not want one) I arrive at the office at 8:30 am and work until 2:30 before returning home. As soon as I am back I check my schedule and prepare to work on my jewelry. There are days where I only design what I want to and there are other days where I can spend hours making earrings. Eventually I leave my studio and go to the gym, have dinner with my husband then go to sleep.

11. What was the biggest obstacle you’ve faced so far in the process of pursuing your goals?

The biggest obstacle for me has been my insecurity. The moment I returned to believing in myself and what I do, the paths to achieving my goals began to open up.

Being consistent is what can lead you to achieve great things.
— Viki Glaze

12. What is the best piece of advice you have received?

When I was my starting my business the best piece of advice I received was that everyone gets tired. There may be times where the process gets difficult and continuing to strive for progress can be exhausting. To combat this I push harder during these times and have made a promise to myself that I will never stop, never give up.

13.  When do you get your best ideas?

Walking or when I'm working. I always have pencil and paper with me to be able to draw or write whatever I can think of. One of the reasons I do not want a car is because walking is fundamental to my creative process.

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14.  Can you share with us one time that you failed and what you learned from that failure?

At this point I have not had one particular failure that stands out from the rest. Though with any process, along the way I have encountered many small hurdles. I like to take each one these hurdles as an opportunity to learn and grow leading to a smoother path down the road.

15.  How do you unwind?

I’m definitely not what some may consider a “party girl”. Though I do love to dance, I typically unwind by taking nap or taking my sweet puppy on a walk. 

16.  What would you tell someone else who is interested in entering your field?

Just do it. Many people struggle with thinking in circles to the point where it is hard to act towards their goals. There is only so much you can plan and there comes a point where you must take action. Do not let your fears stop you from living your dream. 

17.  What do you hope people take away from your story?

It doesn’t matter where you are from, what you do or where you are in life. If you have a goal or a dream you can make it happen.

18.  Anything we missed that you would like to share?

No matter how busy you get or how fast life seems to be moving, don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate the world around you.

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