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Having a side hustle is often romanticized, but don’t be fooled as it is not easy. Whether you are a blogger, artist, or maybe an entrepreneur, having a side hustle and a fulltime job is tough! Here are some tips and things that I do to balance Speaking of Everything and my fulltime job.

1. Prioritize
I know this seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes the simplest things are forgotten. Make a To-Do list with 3 columns. Today, Tomorrow, By The End of The Week. Ideally, you would update this daily and slowly move the By the End of the Week stuff to the other two columns to help you stay focused. Be realistic.

2. Ask For Help
You don’t always have to do things yourself. Ask friends and family for help and let go of some of the control. It's good to hear new ideas and to get other’s input.

3. Take Time For Yourself
Paint your nails, watch some trash TV, go to the gym, read for 20 minutes, catch a movie… Do things for you that don’t take long and don’t beat yourself up for stealing a minute for yourself. You have to take care of you and having time away from work will leave you feeling refreshed and more creative than ever!

4. Set Reminders
Save your brainpower by writing things down and setting reminders in your iPhone instead of attempting to remember every little thing. You will be surprised by how much gets done!

5. Keep Your Workspace Tidy
It might just be me, but I. Can. Not. Focus. if my desk is messy. Then I spend an hour and a half cleaning and forget what I was working on. Get some organizational tools to help keep your space clean so you aren’t distracted by your work.

6. Establish a Routine
Maybe Monday’s are for brainstorming, Tuesday: Scheduling content, Wednesday: Networking, etc. That way you know what to expect day after day. It is important to try and stick to your schedule as much as possible and to anticipate issues so you can work around them.

7. Carry a Small Notebook
Inspiration is everywhere and it is super important that you acknowledge it when it strikes, whether you are at your desk, on your commute or having drinks with friends be sure to have somewhere you can jot down your ideas so you don’t have to remember them. I prefer to write my down physically as opposed to using my iPhone.

I hope these tips help! Comment below with any ideas you have. We are all in this together!



7 TIPS FOR ENTREPRENEURS by Courtney Coates of koyVoca

7 TIPS FOR ENTREPRENEURS by Courtney Coates of koyVoca