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The Business of Self-Care at BYOB

The Business of Self-Care at BYOB

By: Jayla Moody

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To end the sessions, women lifestyle entrepreneurs served on a panel about the art of self-care and how important it is to take care of yourself then your business.

Despite what the industry may push, Lakeysha Hallmon, founder of Village Market ATL, said sleep gives you the discernment to make the right decisions.

As a proud member of #teamsleep, Hallmon said she starts her day earlier than 5 a.m. sometimes, but she’s always unplugged and in bed by 9 p.m.

Fitness influencer Umama Kibria advised attendees to avoid starting their day with any stress. This can be done by planning outfits and meals the night before and giving social media a break until a certain point in the day.

Kibria has a process to guide what she does to maintain a positive relationship with social media.

She starts by first taking some time off to re-engage with her passion. When she returns back to social media, she unfollows and blocks any accounts that may make her uncomfortable or that harbor negative energy.

If their judgment isn’t fueling you or paying your bills, let them go.
— Umama Kibria

Regardless of the brand, these women said it’s most important to invest in yourself first because it takes a healthy mind to do great business.

In 2020, the BYOB retreat will be the place to be for up and coming business owners and content creators.

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“Resonate” with Alex Wolf at BYOB

“Resonate” with Alex Wolf at BYOB