“A podcast about freelancers who are making it work”

Check out this rad podcast started by Rebecca Adams, a freelance editor, writer, and content strategist! After spending time at Refinery29, mindbodygreen, and The Huffington Post, she decided to go freelance with her skills, leading to her creation of “For Hire.” In the podcast she speaks with fellow freelancers who “…break down what it’s like to be out on their own, the nitty gritty of finances and negotiations, and how they’re (at least sort of) achieving work-life balance.” Recent episodes include conversations about writer contracts, making it as a photographer, free labor vs. marketing, and creative consulting.



“the live-workshop style business podcast for creative girl bosses”

Check out small business marketer and new mom Jenna Kutcher’s podcast Goal Digger! She utilizes workshop style podcasts to teach and inspire working women. As described by Forbes’ list of top Podcasts: “Host Jenna Kutcher’s voice will make you feel right at home… With diverse topics ranging from Instagram posts to how to brand your business, you’ll probably leave Goal Digger feeling like you’ve just listened a pep talk rather than a podcast. There’s shorter talks as well as longer insights into business and marketing.” To see what she’s all about, browse her #aesthetic Instagram @jennakutcher and prepare to be inspired at work and at home!



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